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Welcome to RTP

If you are looking to kick start your career in retail or hoping to accelerate your progression up the executive retail ladder, then our website is the place for you. Have a browse and see which of our highly regarded and comprehensive courses best suits your needs. Our courses allow you to learn at your own pace, when and where it suits you - all you need is an Internet connection and a passion for learning about retail. To find out more about our courses, our endorsements and what sets us apart from other training providers, click here

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Why Choose Us?

Guideline policy RTP states that using the material from our books or e-learning courses is a guide for all retail professionals and individuals. Individuals should rely on his or her own judgment or as appropriate, the expertise from the retail industry.

Introduction to Retail Training Professionals

Want to know more about RTP click on our introduction video below.

  • Hi, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the courses and they were interesting and had a lot of really good information. Money well spent, I am on the mailing list so I can look out for new modules when they are released.
    M Fisher, South London UK,
  • The interviewer said that having Retail Training modules on my CV showed that I would learn well and they felt I took the job very seriously. Thanks Retail Training Professionals!
    Catherine Harvey, Melbourne Australia,
  • The courses offered by RTP are really easy to follow and full of really useful information. I wasn't sure how they would be so if my review helps anyone decide, they really worked for me. And now I have a job in retail!
    Amit Nand, Melbourne Australia,
  • While studying Business at uni, I worked in retail part time. When I finished my degree, I wanted to move into a full time position, but in a management capacity. After completing all the modules offered by RTP, I had the clout to apply for the position I wanted, and now I'm working in Retail Administration in the office. Thanks RTP!
    D.F. Sydney, Australia,
  • As someone that's worked in hospitality for a long time, I was looking to move into retail as it offers better hours and some jobs even offer commission. I did two of the modules (the Customer Service and Sales & Customer Interaction modules) and found that it stood me in very good stead and I quickly got a job working for a cool brand. I'm very happy with what I achieved with RTP's training.
    Graptus Henderson, London UK,
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