First impressions are everything

First impressions are everything –so make them count. We know that the first few seconds a customer enters your establishment are make-or-break time. So do everything in your power to make your customers feel welcomed. Appearance, tone of voice and manners all have an impact on us when we are greeted by someone new to us. It helps us make our own mind up if we want to enter into further dialogue with this person or not. It helps us decide if we want to be further associated with this person or business. Remember, this also applies to when we greet customers on the phone or even in emails/online medium. You may not realise it, but often the emails we type, or the way we use the Internet is strongly affected by the moods that we are in at the time. If you are stressed or in a bad mood, do not send work-related emails to your retail stakeholders. There is a strong chance your mood could come across in the written words you use. As a result, your online customers, suppliers or even staff members could feel the brunt of your mood, even if you didn’t intend for this to happen, thushaving detrimental impacts on your retail relationships.

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