Encourage the purchase

There are many ways retailers can encourage a customer to buy from them. There have been many pushy and somewhat intimidating tactics used in the past which, let’s be honest, at times has had adverse effects on the rapport between the retailer and customers. We recognise that today, customers are a lot more savy about the tactics retailers will try to use. Customers are far more informed, and with much more competition, retailers need to work harder and smarter to encourage customers to purchase without pressuring and making them feel uncomfortable. In order to understand which type of persuastion tactic to use, retailers need to have an inate ability to read their customers. After having developed a strong rapport with customers through carefully crafted questions, you should be able to start to build a personal profile about your customer(s). Depending on their answers and noticing the verbal and non-verbal communication signs you should be able to guage what tactics to use.

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